February 2020

Hello to all, February is the month we remind ourselves the importance of love and good friendships. February 15th marks the beginning of our racing season with the Frostbite Series. It brings to mind the importance of the Corinthian Spirit-good sportsmanship for the love of sailing and respect for your fellow sailors. Both are very important--more important than winning--and actually can be delegated to our everyday lives. Mark your calendars for two events coming next month in March. The first is Burn Your Socks on March 21st beginning at 11:00am. This is an old maritime tradition celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of our sailing season. We celebrate it on March 21st which is the date of the Spring or Vernal Equinox. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get rid of old socks. Directly following Burn Your Socks we will have an Open House for anyone interested in learning about VISA. More information will be coming. Our other event is Spring Cleanup on March 28th. We begin at 0900 and end at noon with lunch provided. Bring your rakes and leaf blowers. It's fun, and a great way to meet other members. Please remember to check your boat lines and covers. Our next Board meeting will be on March 7th at 10:00am at our clubhouse. Come join us. Happy Sails,

Minutes of the Board Meeting, Feb. 1, 2020

Board members: Commodore Liz Suydam, Secretary Andrea Gamber, Treasurer Pam

Poldiak, Vice Commodore Gary Conover, Fleet Captain Pete Phillip, Facilities and Campus

Rear Commodore Vasse Vaught, Rear Commodore of Membership, Marketing and PR Christa Stephens, Rear Commodore of Programs, Activites and Youth Catherine Eubank, Rear Commodore of Finance Bill Gillespie, Governors Jeremy Smith

Members: Jay Walter, Bob Suydam, John Levan, Shirley Yates, Jim Watts, Kathy Kallapos,

Tom and Becky Allen, Dan Foutz, Bobby Kirk

Commodore-Liz Suydam, lsuydam1@lynchburg.net Liz

called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and welcomed the

attendees to the club on a day of fair weather when the club

looked beautiful. She reiterated Visa Sailing Club’s Mission

Statement; Sailing, Seamanship, Friendship and Education.

Liz thanked the Board for their input on a derelict camper. Special thanks go to Scot Podosek,Pete Phillip and Anne Pfeifer for putting together COSS Program Guidelines.

Jim Klepek has worked tirelessly on the rock garden, and he also has spent time spreading gravel and buttressing the edges of the walkways, even at his own expense. It all looks wonderful as a result, and we thank him.

Liz announced that Carrs Point residents are appealing the decision by the Franklin County

Zoning Board made on December 3, 2019. As a result, the case will now go to Circuit

court. Because of the additional legal work required for this case, Liz requested that the Board approve pay for the legal services provided by our club lawyer, Dave Harrison. A motion was made and approved.

Liz introduced an article on the Corinthian Spirit which emphasizes the importance of good


Secretary-Andrea Gamber, secretaryvisayc@gmail.com Following a quorum having been

established, the January minutes were approved.

The applications from the January board meeting for Tallman and Gwendolyn

McBride, and John Schramm, were respectively approved by the Board.

Treasurer-Pam Poldiak, treasurevisayc@gmail.com Membership stands at 171. Key points in the Treasurer’s report were as follows:

• Income, January 2020 $123,277

• Expenses, January 2020 $6,104

• Checking Account Balance, 1/31/20 $213,814

• Stifel Investment Account, 1/30/20 $123,541

She also added that a listing of membership at VISA was sent to Franklin County on 2/1/20

following their request.

Two donations were received in honor of Sharon Jones. These donations were made by Jim Lee and the Huffs and were gratefully accepted.

Fleet Captain-Pete Phillip, phillip3511@aol.com Pete introduced New Sailing Instructions and New NORs (Notice of Races). In scoring, the best six races will be scored. All protests and appeals are more clearly defined and should start first with communication with the VISA

Board. Race time limits are more liberal. Finally, data collection will follow the same

guidelines as last year and handicaps will be posted on the website.

Race Committee Volunteers are really needed for individual series

races. Please consider helping at 1 or 2 races. This would be an easy,

fun way of contributing to the Club which is a self-help

organization. Further, we urgently need someone to take on the

administration of the Bernard’s Landing Regatta which will take place

in the first weekend of October. This would involve registering participants, collecting fees, and checking in guests. Please contact Pete.

VISA Burgees are for sale for $26 each. If you would like one, please contact Pete. Payment

will be collected at the time of receipt.

Pete recommended that all sailing instruction be first approved by the


Vice Commodore-Gary Conover readyaboutgary@msn.com Ferrum

College’s request to bring 10 sailor students to VISA on Sunday, March

29 2020, was approved..

Rear Commodore of Programs, Activities and Youth (PAY) - Catherine Eubank,

gruvencat@hotmail.com Catherine said that she would prepared to take charge of meals at the John Bernard Regatta which is a three day event held the first weekend in October.

Rear Commodore of Finance-Bill Gillespie, bgillespie@benchmark-benefits.com Financially,

the club is in good shape. Numbers from 2019 will be released next month.

Rear Commodore of Membership, Marketing, And Public Relations- Christa Stephens,

christahallstephens@gmail.com All new applicants have been invited to come to Burn your Socks as a way of finding out more about the club. Christa will work on a press

release to invite the public to VISA. At this event food will be provided by the popular Ken and Jane’s Burgers and Dogs.

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