Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Sailing instructions?

We do not offer instruction on a ongoing basis.  Once a year we do have a camp for women and then another camp for men where we cover the many points of sailing an offer on the water practice time.  These events are open to the public.   We also have some instructional videos available on our website 

Can non-members participate in the races?

We are working on a way to have non-members take part in our racing series.  More inforation is available by contacting our fleet captain.  Here

How can I become a member?

First, send us a message!  Then come meet us.  Membership means being apart of a wonderful group of people who love to sail.  We are friendly and inviting so get to know us and decide if this is something you want to be apart of.  

Our contact form is found on the bottom of our home page.  Be sure to check the box "Interested in membership"

What is involved in membership?

When you become a member, you are joining a community.  We are a self-help club.  We don't have a paid staff to support our club.  Each member is expected to volunteer at least 10 hours a year.   

Do you have slips available?

Our slip availability is based on a waiting list.  At any time we may or may one have slips available to members.

If I purchase a boat from a member and then join, does the boat slip transfer?

In simple terms, no. We have a waiting list for our boats and sometimes the slip may be available 

Do you rent sailboats?

We do not rent sailboats.  We are a members only club and not a marina.

How much does membership cost

We have 2 levels of membership. 

Regular membership is $623 for the 2021 calendar year but increasing slightly each year.  Includes use of Club facilities, Participation in Club activities. Keeping boats and related equipment on Club property is permitted for an additional fee.

Racing memberships are available  for $331 / year and is similar to a regular membership but doesn't allow the member to store anything on the Club property or participate in other Club activities.

In addition, there is one time initiation fee of $500.