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As Custodian parent, or Court Appointed Guardian of                                                      ,  (child), I do for both of child’s parents, for child, and child’s heirs and successors, release Virginia Inland Sailing Association and any of its agents, employees, representatives, board members, members, instructors, organizers, boat owners and volunteers (all of the foregoing collectively “VISA”) from any and all claims, arising out of or in connection with child’s participation in any VISA program or activity.  I provide this release because I am mindful that Sailing, Swimming and water related activities can be a dangerous undertaking regardless of how careful or prudent any person, firm, club or facility might be.  I understand that VISA has recommended I provided protective head gear for my child during all sailing activities.  In addition, I understand children are required to wear correctly fitted life vests during all sailing activities.

Further, I give permission to VISA to treat child or arrange for medical care or treatment for child in any situation deemed reasonably necessary by VISA.

I further understand that I, or an adult I designate, will stay on the VISA premises as all times during sailing camp day. 


Do you have a doctor’s permit to participate in intense physical activities?
Have you lost your consciousness in the last past 12 months?
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